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investment attractiveness

Dear Investor!

We welcome you to our website!

Your interest in our area - this is a signal for the beginning of cooperation!

Given the instability of the global economy and the need to overcome the economic slowdown of the Russian Federation Government announced a strategic course for accelerated investment and innovative development of the regions. Their active work depends not only on the well-being of the local population, but without exaggeration, the fate of the entire country. That is why we believe the most important direction of the activity - the promotion of sustainable and dynamic growth of the Kirov region's economy.

Choosing the region to invest their money, read posted on our website materials about the life of the Kirov district!

We hope that you will find for yourself interesting and relevant information. However, all the issues can not be opened in the summary. Therefore, we will be happy to discuss prospects for the development of our area in person (contact information can be found in the "Contacts" tab).

In deciding where to place your financial assets, you know that:

Kirovskij rajon- the border area with the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic and specially protected eco-resort region of Caucasian Mineral Waters;

Kirovskij rajon- an ecologically clean area with a unique mild climate;

Kirovskij rajon - a territory on which the possible location of new industrial and agricultural enterprises. Availability of communications, labor, free land, near the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters and help the district and regional administration that helps;

Kirovskij rajon - is a promising area of ​​low-rise residential buildings;

Kirovskij rajon
- a place of production of some types of minerals: oil, raw materials for the cement industry, building materials, thermal and mineral water. Stocks of non-metallic materials in the area not only provide all domestic demand for construction materials, but also allow them to export to other regions;

Kirovskij rajon
- two fields of thermal power plants: Novopavlovsk and Staropavlovsky areas. Depth of productive strata on them ranges from 1467 - 1580 meters. Debit wells ranges from 281 to 2456 cubic meters. meters / day, the water temperature at the wellhead 51 ° C. Mineral water of these springs is recommended for spa treatment, and can be used as mineral drinking medical-table water (Staropavlovskoe deposit);

Kirovskij rajon
t - an area with developed infrastructure. Roads and railways, telephone and mobile communications, long-distance pipelines, power lines, commuter and long-distance passenger transport - these factors make the area attractive for the investor.

We hope for long-term cooperation!